How to assemble and disassemble Oakley M Frame replacement lens

Oakley M Frame iconic of sporty eyewear, and it have a wide range of lens collection for various condition and coverage. Usually 3 most popular lens shape, sweep, hybrid and strike. Also, lens color and light transmittion are suitable for various environment, yellow (light enhance ), clear, persimmon, many...
We will always to install and removal the lens from the frame, We need to carefully to do it. It is because, the lens edge can be scracth the frame, especially if the frame is metallic coated one, such as polished aluminium or colorful one. Therefore, we should assemble in the right way.

Removal the lens
1. We should always start at the top-center of the frame. pull and split them.

2. Take off the both side end of the lens from the frame will be easy.

Intall the lens
Everything reverse, put both side end of the lens into the place of the frame, then push back the center of the lens into the frame.