Johnny Marr Limited Edition

Ray Ban Sunglasses Johnny Marr Limited Edition RB 3493
During the early summer of 1982 Johnny Marr, just 18 years-old, formed The Smiths after seeking out the reclusive poet, Morrissey.
Throughout The Smiths’ five year lifespan, Marr continually challenged not only pop conventions but his skills as a player and a composer.
After the breakup of The Smiths, Marr carried on doing what he did best: playing guitar.
He has made a career playing with some of the most influential bands of the time: The Pretenders (1987-89), The The (1988-93), Electronic (1988-99) Modest Mouse (2005-08) and The Cribs (2008-10).
After 25 years as the most versatile guitarist the UK has ever produced, Johnny’s influence was acknowledged in the late 00’s with a host of personal awards and honours – adding to the countless bands and artists he helped inspire along the way.

Johnny Marr Limited Edition is an exclusive Ray-Ban model personalized and signed by Johnny Marr, the legendary guitarist of the British rock band The Smiths.
The design revisits the iconic Signet model, with innovations including the original Blu Legend lens, Johnny’s autograph signature engraved on the inner temple, and the limited number of pieces produced (only 1,500).